Monday, 22 October 2012

::Tin Man:: Review

From what little I know of the SyFy channel, it is known for its creative – or wacky! – productions. Inspired by one of their more recent miniseries, Alice I decided this was worth a look. Once again, a fantasy lovers dream is nurtured in this crazy six-hour series (or four-and-a-half hours courtesy of the DVD).

Adventure is something that Dorothy Gail (Zooey Deschnel) – or DG, as she is commonly known, is ready to allow for in her life. In fact, she craves something more than the dusty town she has known since childhood. Her life isn’t dreadful but it is far from fulfilling her curious personality. Living with her beloved parents’ on their little farm, her days consist of waitressing and getting caught for speeding on her motorbike. Tired of the fines, she dreams of taking off to fulfill her grand notions. Her mother (Gwynyth Walsh) is worried for DG but it is her father (Kevin McNulty) who seems to understand her best. The two are most suited. It is he who shares some of life’s most valuable lessons no matter how tiring they can be, and whom DG confides most in about the nightmares; one of bears, apples and a woman who is warning DG of a storm. During an unexplained tornado, their home is invaded by cloaked men with guns; the three barely escape with their lives and DG is separated from her parents. Waking up in a forest puzzles DG as do the small dwarf men who suddenly surround her accusing her of being a spy for the “witch.” Captured by these funny little men, DG is met with another surprise when she befriends fellow prisoner Glitch (Alan Cumming), a funny man with half a brain, who still keeps his wits about him. Escaping when the longcoats come searching, DG and Glitch set out for the central road to make it to The Outer Zone, where answers may exist… but DG soon realizes that the witch Azkadellia (Kathleen Robertson) is actively searching for her capture…


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