Thursday, 18 October 2012

Kyna Treacy Caught A-Rod's

Kyna Treacy, a 33-year-old Australian bikini model,got suddenly famous when she became the "cause of distraction" for the New York Yankees' highest-paid benchwarmer Alex Rodriguez nick name A-rod.
Treacy — a sexy catwalker who started her own swimwear line, Kini Bikini— was sitting two rows behind the dugout with pretty pal Kate Quinn.
She received a baseball from ARod with his phone number on it.

Kyna Treacy and Alex Rodriguez

Looks like instead of the Detroit Tigers, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez had his attentions focused on Australian bikini model Kyna Treacy during Game 1 of the American League Championship Series. Maybe A-Rod's flirtatious glances towards the brunette bombshell sitting in the Yankee Stadium stands on Saturday evening (Oct. 13) is what led to the Yankees loss in Game 1? (and Game 2, and Game 3...). Either way, A-Rod has been continuously benched in the Series (as the Yanks continue to falter), but at least he managed to get Kyna Treacy's digits, and in a very baseball-esque fashion, nonetheless.

With his team struggling in the playoffs, the New York Yankees' highest-paid benchwarmer Alex Rodriguez was certainly not feeling the pressure as he flirted with two women in the stands.

One of them clearly caught A-Rod's attention at at time when Yankee fans would have preferred he be more focused on baseball.



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