Friday, 19 October 2012

Eminem – Curtain Call (The Hits)

Genre: Rap

This cover shows someone stood on a stage with roses at their feet, with the words ‘EMINEM, CURTAIN CALL, THE HITS’ written in capitals in the middle of the image. We cannot see the person’s face, but the implied character is the artist, Eminem himself.
We are given the impression that this man is stood on a stage, because of the name of the album, the curtains in the background and the roses on the floor. This suggests that the figure holds power and authority as well as success and popularity. These are all positive connotations for the man and therefore the audience may feel envious towards him because of these qualities. Being jealous in this way may make some people in the audience want to be more like Eminem and therefore buy his album as it makes them that step closer to being like him. The character is wearing a suit which implies that he is wealthy and upper class. If he were wearing a t-shirt and jeans, there would be a different meaning being sent to the audience that he was more casual and possibly less caring. The suit shows the audience that Eminem cares about his appearance and what he comes across like to his audience. This means that the audience will always see that he is making an effort for them and they will respect this.


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