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 The Walking Dead

During Spring Break in April, I started working on my new WIP and wrote 15k in that week alone.  I might have written more … if I hadn’t spent so many hours watching The Walking Dead on Netflix and Amazon streaming.
It wasn’t wasted time, though, as far as my writing went.  I learned a lesson – something I probably should have known already, but it was a good reminder.
If you want your audience to root for an unlikely character, set their expectations low … and then surprise them.

Daryl Dixon is definitely not the type of character that I would normally like.  I can’t call him a diamond-in-the-rough, because I doubt there’s diamond quality there.  He’s such a marble-mouth, you can barely understand him when he speaks. He’s a loner and not particularly good-looking – although it’s pretty cool when he shoots that crossbow.  So, why did he become my favorite character on the show?
Because he was a surprise.  The audience was set up to hate him.  We meet his brother Merle first – a drug dealing, foul-mouthed, racist maniac who is such a loose cannon that the other characters are forced to leave him handcuffed on a rooftop when they flee from the walking dead. (Merle saws off his own hand to escape, and it gives me shivers to think he’s still out there somewhere.)  When Rick (the main protagonist) expresses regret about leaving Merle behind, he’s told no one will miss the guy … except his brother Daryl.

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The Walking Dead “Nebraska” Review

(First published for the site simplytv.blogspot.com)
Well The Walking Dead is back from its hiatus and it picks up just at the moment it left us several weeks ago.
Trouble is, people. This episode stunk like the disembodied rotting zombie arm that fell off the stinking pile of dead barn zombies.
Don’t hold back, you say? I embody all of the perfect frustration of Daryl. I have been injured on my adventure with trying to locate Sophia and now you’re asking me commit to an episode where we ONCE AGAIN have to chase down another character to bring them back to the group? We just did this! Fine. Just fine. Let’s go after Hershel this time. You know, cause Beth went into shock. Though fever spells infection of some kind, not shock, but I’m no doctor (or vet). Once again we must chase a character (Hershel) into peril (zombie ridden town) because he or she (he) is having some sort of hissy fit (pity party in the local bar). Lucky for Rick, this will be a character development experience for him as he will open fire on two (not-zombie) strangers that refuse to leave their group alone. And really if Rick had ever seen True Blood he would know that he had been correct in his decision making process. But if there was any doubt as to who the leader was (and really all the doubt laid solely with Rick) then we now know that Rick is the man in charge.



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