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Secretariat film poster
This movie "Secretariat" (2010) is based on the remarkable true story, “Secretariat” chronicles the spectacular journey of the 1973 Triple Crown winner. Housewife and mother Penny Chenery (Diane Lane) agrees to take over her ailing father’s Virginia-based Meadow Stables, despite her lack of horse-racing knowledge. In Secretariat movie continue, against all odds, Chenery–with the help of veteran trainer Lucien Laurin (John Malkovich)–manages to navigate the male-dominated business, ultimately fostering the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years and what may be the greatest racehorse of all time. Watch Secretariat (2010) Full Movie Online Free Streaming.
Release Date: October 8, 2010
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Director: Randall Wallace
Screenwriter: Mike Rich
Starring: Diane Lane, John Malkovich, Dylan Walsh, Scott Glenn, Dylan Baker, Margo Martindale, Nelsan Ellis, Otto Thorwarth, Fred Thompson, AJ Michalka, Kevin Connolly, Eric Lange, James Cromwell
Genre: Drama
MPAA Rating: PG (for brief mild language)
Watch Secretariat (2010) Full Movie Online Free Streaming

Secretariat Movie Must See

This past weekend Disney films released a true story of the greatest race horse in American history and it is a must see for families and those seeking something to be proud about in America. The family movie opened in third place, a surprisingly strong opening considering the obsession of American moviegoers with greed, corruption, vampires and fantasy.

Secretariat had what called a “decent start” at the box office when opening weekend estimates indicated that the Walt Disney Co. motion picture had generated $12.6-million in box office receipts to rank third among all films and second among those released October 8.

The early returns bode well for Secretariat becoming a profitable film. With a budget of $35-million, it is already more than a third of a way to that figure, and there does not appear to be much competition the weekend of October 15 from new films.

This is a hearty warming story, all true, with an amazing cast led by Diane Lane, a favorite of the CPT. But it is the story of Secretariat, whose heroic deeds at a time of national despair, in the middle of the Watergate scandal, brought to an end a 25 year wait for the next Triple Crown winner of horseracing's crown jewels.

The powerful horse astoundeed the experts and caught the imagination of the world as he came from dead last place to set a blistering record in winning the Kentucky Derby. In the Preakness the horse changed tactics and moved from last to first place on the first turn of the race to win handily. In the final leg, the Belmont, Secretariat again changed tactics and was in the lead from start to finish leaving the entire field an astounding 40 lengths behnd in record time.

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Helen Keller and Calvin Coolidge

Today we feature a photograph of President Calvin Coolidge and Helen Keller. Keller is remembered as a world famous speaker, author, and political activist. Keller was both blind and deaf from birth. She was born on this day in 1880.

Helen Keller sees president Truman with her hand

Helen Keller sees the president

The Story Of My Life

by Helen Keller

I don't have loads to say about this really. I really wanted to read it because I volunteered a quote from Helen Keller to use on the flowers at my Grandmother's funeral, "What we have once enjoyed we can never lose, all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."
The story of Helen Keller is obviously amazing. She overcame darkness and silence to create for herself a very valuable place in the world, achieving more than most fully-abled people.
I feel bad that I found her narrative slightly irritating. Her constant sunshine and roses outlook, while admirable seems unrealistic. If she really did live in this permanent state of mind then she is very lucky but I doubt it but I do bear in mind the way she has lived and overcome.
The letters were interesting but too many. The most interesting part I found was the story re-told at the end from the perspective of her teacher, Anne Sullivan through her letters and reports. This was fascinating and a lot more realistic.

I did love these couple of lines though...

"The woman paints the child's experiences in her own fantasy."

" One day, Miss Sullivan tells me, I pinned the word girl on my pinafore and stood in the wardrobe. On the shelf I arranged the words, is, in, wardrobe. Nothing delighted me so much as this game. My teacher and I played it for hours at a time. Often everything in the room was arranged in object sentences"

David Hasselhoff | david hasselhoff Beautiful Rare Photos | david hasselhoff Real life Pics and Biodata

I bet David Hasselhoff would enjoy these! I don't know who wouldn't love these potatoes! Those puppies would do tricks for these carby wonders.
David Hasselhoff has admitted that he could have died when his alcohol addiction was at its worst.

The actor, currently a judge on Britain's Got Talent, told the News of the World that he had the highest blood-alcohol figure ever recorded at the Betty Ford rehab clinic when he checked in there.

"Medically I should have been dead it was so bad," he said. "It was the end of the line when I entered Betty Ford. I remembered the old Hollywood joke: 'When your career is over, you check into Betty Ford to get press.'

"I had been in rehab once before but stayed for eight days before ordering a taxi and going over the wall. It took God's angels to bring me to the brink of disaster and death to get my attention so that I could finally stop drinking."

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Entourage Season 1

Entourage Season 1 (2004)

The story: The emerging Hollywood young star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) from New York lives with his brother Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) an unemployed actor, his best friend/career advisor Eric Murphy (Kevin Connlly) and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) the guy that takes care of details like driving the car and buying things for the guys.

This quatuor couldn't be complete without Vincent's agent, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) and the many girls the guys meet.

In the first place, the main idea of the show is to bring four guys next door into the Hollywood parties and business. They discover how fame is easy/sleazy and how it's also difficult to do want you really want to do. This is not a series with big dramatic issues but we quickly fell into the family and it's a fun ride.

HBO doesn't censors its shows and it's something that keeps the integrity of its productions. It's fun to know that Executive producer Mark Walhberg gave meat to the bone of the show by basing the story on his personal career.

The Season 1 of the show has only 8 episodes and sets the many characters into places. The best scenes are when Ari is present. Piven gives performances that may seems overacted but when you became acquainted with him you become to understand what kind of unpredictable character he is.

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Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Elizabeth Cavallari (born January 5, 1987 in Denver, Colorado) is an American reality television star and actress, known mainly for her feature appearances on the MTV reality TV series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

Before moving to California, Cavallari resided in Colorado. When her parents divorced, her younger brother (Gabriel Zamora Cavallari) moved with their father to Laguna Beach, California, while Kristin moved with their mother to Barrington, Illinois, a wealthy suburb right outside of Chicago. After having trouble adjusting to a new life with a step-father and step-brother, Kristin moved to California to be with her dad and brother, and was enrolled at Santa Margarita Catholic High School her freshman year of high school. After attending a Driver's Education course through Laguna Beach High School with new friends Jessica Smith and Alex Hooser, her father enrolled her in LBHS for the rest of high school after "much consideration." After her stint on reality tv, Cavallari headed to L.A. to attend Loyola Marymount University and moved into an apartment with close friend, Alex Hooser. Her friendship with Alex could not withstand living together, so the two decided to go their separate ways.

Personal life
* During her time at LBHS, Cavallari dated Stephen Colletti for two years -- especially during the filming of the MTV reality show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County -- before breaking up prior to his send off to college.

* Cavallari was noted in having a long-term on-and-off relationship with reality tv personality/model/drummer Brody Jenner, who then went on to date Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad.

Bane In Action Images | Bane Photos | Bane Cartoon Pics

Bane (comics) information

Bane is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in Batman: Vengeance of Bane (January 1993), and was created by Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan. Bane has been one of Batman's more physically and intellectually powerful foes. A virtually unstoppable juggernaut, he is best known for breaking Batman's back in the "Knightfall" story arc.

IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time ranked Bane as.

Successful Kim Kardashian Bachelorette Party Information

Kim Kardashian bachelorette party anticipation!
When is the Kim Kardashian bachelorette party? Sources all over the web, including confirm that today is the Kim Kardashian bachelorette party! Can't wait to see those Kim Kardashian bachelorette party pics! So according to the website, Kim Kardashian was wearing this green dress for a Midori party yesterday. Kim Kardashian bachelorette party will be held in Las Vegas tonight!

Kris Humphries bachelor party will be at the Lavo in the Palazzo, and Kim Kardashian bachelorette party will be at TAO Nightclub at The Venetian Hotel, same club where Kim Kardashian hosted the New Year's Eve 2011 party!

Kim Kardashian bachelorette party will be at TAO Nightclub! Wire Images
According to People the Kim Kardashian bachelorette party will be an embarrassing one! They will be staying one night only in Las Vegas for the very much anticipated Kim Kardashian bachelorette party! The theme for the Kim Kardashian bachelorette party will be from 'The Hangover' movie! Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries will get married on August 20.
Kim Kardashian bachelorette party news Nick Saglimbeni
Now let's go a little deeper, is it true that there will be no male strippers at the Kim Kardashian bachelorette party? Multiple online sources have revealed that Kim Kardashian friend Brittny Gastineau suggested there there shouldn't be any male strippers for the Kim Kardashian bachelorette party. Is this what will really happen at the Kim Kardashian bachelorette party? Well, we'll find out about it later. Congratulations Kim Kardashian,

2011 Season 13 "Dancing With The Stars" Cast Picks | Information

Dancing With The Stars 2011 Season 13 Cast ABC
So it's now time for you to pick the Dancing With The Stars 2011 Season 13 Cast! Who should be part of the Dancing With The Stars 2011 Season 13 Cast? Dancing With The Stars 2011 Season 13 premieres on September 19, 2011 8/7c and you have now the chance to speak up! Now let's have a little fun! Who do you think should be part of the Dancing With The Stars 2011 Season 13 Cast? Grow your Dancing With The Stars 2011 Season 13 Cast campaign even stronger! Feel free to comment at the end of this post.

Now check out some of the most popular Dancing With The Stars 2011 Season 13 Cast picks (according to the names placed on the pages for each category of the Dancing With The Stars 2011 Season 13 Cast):

Actor / Actress
Raven Symone
Channing Tatum
Jodie Sweetin
John Stamos
Roselyn Sanchez
Michael Knight
Lyndah Pizarro
John Travolta
Candace Cameron
Tori Spelling
Collen Zenk
Keanu Reeves
Lea Michele
Queen Latifah
Donald Trump
Sally Field
Dwayne Johnson
Khloe Kardashian
Zac Efron
Betty White
Kirk Cameron
Mila Kunis
Neil Patrick Harr
Who else here?
Victoria Beckham
Bon Jovi
Cyndi Lauper
Nick Jonas
Dilana Robichaux
Toby Keith
Selena Gomez
Adam Lambert
Lorrie Morgan
Lil Wayne
Janet Jackson
Justin Timberlake
Nicki Minaj
Nick Carter
Carrie Underwood
Pia Toscano
Paul Byrom
Enrique Iglesias
Britney Spears
Steven Tyler
Who else here?
Rudy Galindo
Chris Webber
John Cena
Velvet Sky
Jalen Rose
Angelina Love
Bob Harper
Michelle Kwan
Kobe Brian
Sasha Cohen
Mike Tyson
Maria Kanellis
David Beckham
Melina Perez
Who else here?

Piers Morgan
Nancy Grace
Crash Gladys
Shawn Parr
Katie Couric
Robin Roberts
Anderson Cooper
Melania Trump
Ryan Smith
Robin Meade
Melina Perez
Chris Angel
Linda McMahon
Christine O'Donnell
Elizabeth Hasselbeck
Who else here?
Reality Star
Sig Hansen
Heidi Montag
Beth Chapman
Sharon Osbourne
Ty Pennington
Kourtney Kardashian
Duff Goldman
Rob Kardashian
Paris Hilton
Gordon Ramsey
Britney Haynes
Joe Rogan
Torrie Wilson
Bruce Jenner
Ashley Massaro
DJ Pauly D
Giuliana Rancic
Jon Gosselin
Holly Madison
Jessica "Sugar" Kiper
Ryan Seacrest
Kim Richards
Ben Bailey
Nicholas Coughlin
Mikalah Gordon
Dr. Drew Pinsky
Tila Tequila
Jonathan Cheban
Bob Harper
Bridget Marquardt
Who else here?
Steve Harvey
Chelsea Handler
Wanda Sykes
Kevin Hart
George Lopez
Joan Rivers
Pee Wee Herman
Gabriel Iglesias
Vicki Lawrence
Chris Rock
Jeff Dunham
Heather McDonald
Jimmy Fallon
Wayne Brady
Kathy Griffin
Kevin James
Sarah Collins
Adam Sandler
Lisa Lampenelli
Robin Williams
Dane Cook
Carrot Top
Howie Mandel
Paula Poundstone
Larry The Cable Guy
Steve Carrell
Ellen Degeneres
Drew Carey
John Reep
Who else here?
Tyra Banks
Tyson Beckford
Heidi Klum
Gabriel Aubry
Baptiste Giabiconi
Brooklyn Decker
William Levy
Ashley Massaro
Cindy Crawford
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Christie Brinkley
Nacho Figueras
Maria Kanellis
Djimon Hounsou
Keeley Hazell
Brad Kroenig
Mia Tyler
Adriana Lima
Ben Hill
Kate Moss
Who else here?

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Check out the Kim Kardashian photos / Kim Kardashian Bacheloretter party pics!

Kim Kardashian Bachelorette party

Kim Kardashian Bachelorette party pics

Kim Kardashian Bachelorette party photos

Kim Kardashian Bachelorette party pictures

Kim Kardashian Bachelorette party photos

Kim Kardashian Bachelorette party pictures

Kim Kardashian Bachelorette party photos

Kim Kardashian Bachelorette party pictures

Kim Kardashian Bachelorette party images

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American pop singer "Katharine McPhee" Hot Beautiful Photos In Navel Poses with Biodata

Katharine McPhee Information
Katharine Hope McPhee (born March 25, 1984) is an American pop singer, songwriter, actress, model, and television personality. She gained fame as a contestant on the fifth season of the Fox reality show American Idol in 2006, eventually finishing as the runner-up.

Her self-titled debut album was released on RCA Records on January 30, 2007 and debuted at on the Billboard 200; it has sold 381,000 copies to date. The album's first single, "Over It", was a Pop Top 30 hit and was certified gold in 2008.

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Championship of American Football Match between USA vs Germany live free on online.Watch and enjoy free exiting this match on your desktop or laptop online here on 10th July 2011.Watch Online Live Broadcast from all over the world. No matter where you are you can always watch your favorite teams play live online.HD

The IFAF Senior World Championship is an eight-nation football tournament held every four years since 1999. Games will be played in Graz, Innsbruck and Vienna. The U.S. defeated Japan, 23-20, in double overtime in Tokyo, Japan, to win the 2007 tournament, the first that included Team USA. Prior to the United States’ participation, Japan earned gold medals at the first two IFAF Senior World Championships played in Palermo, Italy (1999), and Frankfurt, Germany (2003).

The U.S. Men’s National Team offensive coordinator is Larry Kehres (pronounced "CARE-us"), head coach of the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio. Kehres is 303-23-3 (.926) in 25 seasons with the Purple Raiders, winning 10 NCAA Division III national championships in 14 title game appearances. His teams also have won 19 consecutive Ohio Athletic Conference crowns, 21 in all.

The U.S. defensive coordinator is Lou Tepper, a former head coach at Illinois, Edinboro (Pa.) and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Tepper was the Illini head coach from 1991-96, going 25-31-2 and reaching three bowl games. He is 101-75-2 (.573) overall in 16 seasons a head coach. Tepper has served as the architect of elite defenses in his 17 years as a Division I defensive coordinator at Virginia Tech, Colorado and Illinois.

The German Team under the guidance of Offensive Coordinator Brad Arbon and Defensive Coordinator Dogan Ă–zdincer showed major changes within the structure and personnel as just 18 Players from last years team who won the title played in the game. However it did not change the outstanding performance of Team Germany.

IFAF World Cup 2011
USA vs Germany

For the last 3 seasons I have bitched about Romo. His turnovers, lack of leadership, terrible decision making have been in my eyes why the Cowboys can't get over the hump.

People point to his stats as the proof in the pudding, saying he is always at the top of the league in passing yards and TD's. My argument to that is that he has the most talented team around him in the NFL, and what would be a 5 yd out on another team, turns into a 75 yd TD pass to Miles Austin/Witten/Jones/Williams/Bryant. I have said for years that if they had a mediocre QB that would properly manage the game (not turn the ball over)they would be better off than Romo closing his eyes and throwing to Witten.

Well, I finally get what I have wished for....Jon Kitna. I am saying now that Kitna will get them to at least .500 and with how bad the conference is, they could still make the playoffs.

Now time to just sit back and see what happens.
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