Monday, 22 October 2012

The Hunger Games Review

Today, I am thrilled to bring all my readers a book review of The Hunger Games at Scribbles, Scripts and Such. Brought to you by Danielle from Book or Big Screen? (Welcome back, Danielle!) I asked her if she'd be willing to guest post here again by writing something on the book that has everyone in a flurry of excitement for the March 2012 release of the big-screen movie starring newcomer Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth - she graciously agreed. Thank you so much, Danielle - I enjoyed reading your wonderful review, and I hope all  of you will too. Find out what Danielle thought of this, the "new 'Twilight'" below.

The Hunger Games – Review
Every now and then, it’s nice to pick up a book that’s easy to read. The pages are crispy and white; the words are set in a large, clear font, and the story unravels in a direct first-person narrative. It’s also nice to pick up a book that you can’t bear to put down. The Hunger Games has all of these elements. It is YA at its best – a riveting, fast-paced story with intriguing characters, loads of action, and a love triangle that will have all the girls swooning, Twilight style. I will call it now – by this time next year, Edward and Jacob will be well and truly out, and it will be ‘Team Peeta’ or ‘Team Gale’ all the way. I devoured this book in two nights, and wished that I didn’t have to work or sleep so that I could finish it sooner.


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