Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Amanda Todd Still Fight For Her Life ?

Amanda committed suicide after repeated abuse from bullies. 

Even after her death, people were still posting smart ass comments about her on the Internet. 

Amanda posted a YouTube video about a month ago in which she explained how she had been subjected to intense bullying after making the mistake of exposing her breasts over a webcam when she was in Grade 7.

She went on to describe how an online stalker forced her to switch schools three times after repeatedly sending nude photos to her peers, who in turn physically and mentally abused her.
Amanda Todd
AMANDA Todd, 15, is still being bullied online just days after she took her own life due to years of harassment.
In a sick twist, the vile attacks which led to her death have continued with Facebook memorial pages being defaced with cruel jibes and a topless photo of her being circulated online.



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