Monday, 5 September 2011

Upgrade OS Motorola Defy in Froyo 2.2.1 Complete Details With Photos

android_froyo_droid_incredibleIn this tutorial I share a few ways to upgrade the Motorola Defy the Froyo. Simply follow the steps as follows. Please be careful in doing the upgrade process. All risk is borne singly yes: D

1.Download USB Driver Motorola in
2. Download RSD Lite in
3. Download Firmware 2.5.1 on UK Eclair (If you have Firmware Version 2.5.1 skip this process)
4. Download Defy System Recovery
5. Download SuperOnClick to Defy your Root
6. Download Froyo_UK_3.4.2-117
7. Download TmobileUS_Boot_Devtree
Step-by-step upgrade to Froyo
1. Install RSD Lite and USB Driver Motorola
2. Upgrade to the Eclair and UK Defy dg RSD Lite 2.5.1 (Firmware version is 2.5.1 If you skip this process)
3. Root Defy the SuperOneClick
4. Defy Install System Recovery with App Install, then run and install the Recovery System.
5. Copy and Extract Files Froyo_UK_3.4.2-117 in sdcard / goapkrev / backup
6. Go to Recovery through the Application System Recovery Boot already installed earlier
7. Restore Froyo_UK_3.4.2-117
8. After finishing the restore select reboot, If the loopback continue on motorola logo, remove the battery and the battery at the same time by pressing the "Volume up", then you will go into boot mode.
9. Run RSD Lite and make sure Defy already recognizable by RSD Lite with status "Connected" and then flash with the file TmobileUS_Boot_Devtree.sbf
10. Allow to finish the flash and reboot automatic.
11. If the system was rebooted and went into Recovery Mode perfectly again did wipe and wipe Dalvik Data Cache
12. Reboot until you've Froyo Defy here. Congratulations!

If you want to use the ROM Froyo Higgsy_Modded please download the and Restore through Recovery Mode. Then do the wipe and wipe Dalvik Data Cache


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