Monday, 5 September 2011

How to Download and Install "Android PC Suite v2.0" Complete Detail with Photos

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1 download Android PC Suite v2.0
2. Run it
The first time that you run AndroidPC, you will be asked like this:

If you do not want to see this question again, just tick “Always trust content from this publisher”. Then, click Run.
Now, you can see AndroidPC on the taskbar:

Right-click on it, you will see this:

3. connect them :
To connect your PC and your phone, please connect them to a network. They can be in the same or different subnets.
Now, open AndroidPC on BOTH devices. On your phone, after running the app, please click AndoridPC icon. It will start listening to your PC (“Waiting for connection”). In case they are in the same subnet, they probably connected to each other already (“Connected to PC”). If so, please move to step 4.
If they are not connected. You can connect them either on you PC or your phone.
On your phone, click the AndroidPC icon and wait for a while. If they are still not connected, click it again and again. Still not, please check your network connection. In some rare situations, you may need to force close Android part and try to connect again.
On your PC, please “Open Dashboard”. Go to “AndroidPC” -> “Connect to Android”. You will see this:

Firstly, try “Auto connect”.
If it can not work, they are not in the same subnet and you will have to do it manually. Please choose “Manual Connect”. Then, enter your phone’s IP and time out in seconds which indicates the time that it will try to connect. Most of the time, it works now.
4. sycronize data:

The first time that you run AndroidPC, these is no data in PC part.
To send data to your PC, please press “Synchronize” icon (on your phone) or go to “AndroidPC -> Synchronize” (on your PC). It will take a few seconds.

5. get started on android


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