Sunday, 4 September 2011

Jerry Lewis
jerry lewis 2011
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jerry lewis 2011

Jerry Lewis out as MDA Telethon host! "Kids" complained about Jerry's conduct!

When it was announced last week that Jerry Lewis (who once played a foil alongside Dean Martin in the mediums of stage, film, and television) was being dropped as host of the Muscular Dystophy Telethon, I wasn't surprised in the least.

How could they fire Jerry Lewis?

Thank you, Jerry for 45 years of great work. Now get out. That’s essentially what the MDA has done to telethon host/face of the charity Jerry Lewis. Oh, I’m sure he drove them crazy. I’m sure executives dove out of their 20th floor office windows when they heard he was in the building. But without Jerry there is no telethon. I mean, seriously, you’re replacing one of the icons of show business with Nigel Lythgoe?


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