Sunday, 6 November 2011

Marie Curie's Life Goals and Success Details with Photos

Marie's Contributions

Marie Curie's contributions to science include. The discovery of Radioactive materials. Two different types of radioactive materials. And the discovery of radium. This greatly helped science and medical discoveries further their knowledge.

Marie Work on Uranium

A German physicist discovered that rays can go through solids and even flesh. And then another phyicsist later discovered that other minerals containing uranium gives off rays. and then other scientist discovered X-rays. But Marie decided to investigate the uranium waves. She discovered that the uranium waves emitted had to do with the amount uranium in the compound. She also discovered it doesn't matter the state that the uranium is in and can powdered, dry, wet pure or combined. Marie then discovered that Trying out various chemicals, Marie found that compounds that contained an uncommon element, thorium, also gave off rays. To describe the behavior of these two elements, Marie made up the term “radioactivity.”
Marie's Work in Physics
Marie wanted to do an experiment on the magnetic properties of different steels. Marie needed a lab so she teamed up with Pierre Curie. Together they started a lab. While in the lab Pierre made important discoveries on magnesium and crystals. Pierre also told Marie that she should go to Paris to continue her studies. in return she told Pierre that he should publish his work on magnetism. He then he went and got it published and got his doctoral.



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