Monday, 28 November 2011

Amy Adams : Innocent Abroad | Amy Adams talks "American Idol"

Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams tells Lesley O'Toole that although she's genetically happy, she is nothing like the wide-eyed naif of her roles

Art does not often imitate life, except in the case of double Academy Award nominee Amy Adams. Her biggest film yet, 2007's latterday fairy-tale blockbuster Enchanted, saw its singing-dancing heroine find herself and her prince. In real life, Adams - who earned her first nomination for teeny indie Junebug in 2006 and her second this year for a film its polar opposite in every regard, Doubt - has enjoyed much the same trajectory. Last year she became engaged to her boyfriend of six years, actor and painter Darren Le Gallo. This year she has a serious shot at winning her first Academy Award in the unpredictable Best Supporting Actress category.

If she does, she will have many people to thank: her large family for starters (she has six siblings) and not least Emily Blunt. The pair play screen sisters in the upcoming Sunshine Cleaning but it was Blunt who first got her hands on the script for Doubt, the heavyweight film version of John Patrick Shanley's Tony Award-winning play. She recognised that Sister James, a pivotal, wide-eyed character in the tale of a priest in Sixties New York accused of abusing one of his young male charges, was tailor-made for Adams and encouraged her friend to pursue it.

Amy Adams talks "American Idol"

Amy Adams says she's glad "American Idol" wasn't around when she was growing up because she is convinced it would have destroyed her dreams of stardom.

She wouldn't have been able to stop herself from turning up to auditions, but admits they probably would have ended in disaster.

"I would have taken my ill suited pop voice and gone in and sung some musical theatre song, and they would have put it on air, and I would never, ever have ended up here,"
she says.

"I would have humiliated myself publicly and probably slunk off and done something else with my life."

Not sure she would have humiliated herself on "American Idol" but I'm glad things turned way better for Amy.


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