Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Jiang Zemin Passed | Away Jiang Zemin Death | Is Jiang Zemin Died | Jiang Zemin Pics | Beijing Jiang Zemin Passed Away This Morning

Jiang Zemin Passed Away: Jiang Zemin Death: Is Jiang Zemin Died: Jiang Zemin is Dead or Alive? Ji?ng Zémín; Beijing:Jiang Zemin passed away this morning in the northern beautiful city Qinhuangdao where he had experienced two-week-emergency medical treatment given by a group of the most famous medical experts in China.
Had the Chinese government not taken the resolute measures then, we could not have enjoyed the stability that we are enjoying today, Jiang said in a June 1998 debate with U.S. President Bill Clinton in Beijing.; Jiang did not order the crackdown; he was installed in power by the man who did, Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping.
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