Sunday, 10 April 2011

World's Longest Keyboard - Amazing Photos Collection

The world's Longest Key Board has also been invented see that amazing keypad pictures below.

Jean Shin who design this interactive sculpture simply gave the name TEXTile. As the name suggest it's as smooth as the clothe made in Textile Mill.

This amazing invention (world’s longest keypad) is placed at The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia.

The design includes more than 22,528 computers and 192 custom keycap which are attached with fabric, a custom keyboard and software assets as well as interactive video projection and painted aluminum frames. It sets out line by line transcript of the electronic communication that the artist and manufacturing in creating enabling it to sculpture in its own archives!

The first three ranks of the civil e-mails key assets that allow visitors to type in their own messages that are projected onto the opposite end of the fabric.

The sculpture was created as a comment on the extent of the impact that e-mail and other virtual communication has had on our lives I suppose if a banner saying "e-mail is a good thing" would have made the too!



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