Monday, 18 April 2011

Newyork Pillow Fight Pictures | Festival In USA | USA Festival With Photos

Feeling a little angry about the economy? What better place to let it out than at a pillow fight in front of the New York Stock Exchange.
Participation was not limited to laid-off bankers and brokers gone-broke.

Anyone, from the jobless, to the newly-401K-challenged, to the economically unscathed was welcome.Hundreds of people converged on Wall Street to participate in the event, organized by a group called Newmindspace and timed to coincide with other pillow fights taking place the world over.

It was the fourth time the event had been held in New York, and the first one fashioned as an outlet for people's rage against the recession

But participants might find themselves needing to make a small expenditure - say, at a store that sells bedding - after the event. It was strictly bring-your-own-pillow

And despite appearances to the contrary, the pillows were required to be feather-free. Good for stress, and hypoallergenic, too



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