Friday, 18 March 2011

World's Biggest Shoe Thief, Photos Collection....

A man whose last name is Park was arrested by investigators from Suseo Police Precinct in southern Seoul for stealing shoes.

Park allegedly preyed on funeral halls where many people would take off their shoes to pay their respects to the deceased.

Reports said that the 59-year-old shoe thief was amassing shoes for his used shoe business. His method was to pretend to be a mourner, take off his (obviously much cheaper) pair of shoes, and then sneak off with a more expensive one he could sell. He repeated this scheme again and again at funeral homes across Seoul. He was finally caught when he was found stealing three pairs of shoes with a total value of U.S. $1,750 (new retail price).

Despite his penchant for stealing, he was an orderly fellow. When police raided his warehouse they found thousands of shoes organized into neat rows arranged by size.

Man Steals Thousands of Shoes from People Attending Funeral Halls


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