Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Moscow Bridge, Aerial View Photos

The bridge was opened for use in 1976 and still plays a crucial role in the life of the city and its infrastructure. It comprises three parts: cable bridges cross Dnepr as long as 816m (2677 feet), bridge across Desyonka river 732m (2400 feet) in length and a crossover 55m or 180 feet in length. In an exposure draft it had supposed to have 3 lanes in every direction, but some time after the draft was reconsidered and the bridge was built with 4 lanes in every direction. In the end of 80’s there was a trackless line laid there.

It is 400 feet high and a photographer was forced to stand just on a pad while taking shots. Every time as a truck had driven along the bridge these two pads started shaking as hell. I’m too scary just with looking at these shots, can’t really imagine what the author experienced.



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