Friday, 25 March 2011

Uses of Cars in Advertising : Creative Ads Photos Collection

Sony Grass Car

To celebrate Sony’s commitment to offsetting carbon emissions caused by their corporate travel, they created a living breathing grass car and parked it around various public locations in Sydney, Australia.

Formula 1 Bus Stop

This awesome F1 themed bus stop was used to promote Formula 1’s first ever night race in Singapore.

F1 Car on a Building

Cool Formula 1 advertisement promotes Turkish F1 Grand Prix.

Mercedes Car Billboard

Mercedes marketing team managed to put a real car on a billboard.

SMART Car Vending Machine

Real SMART car was placed in a giant vending machine in Japan.

K-Swiss Car Advertisement

Great cross promotion between K-Swiss and a tennis tournament resulted in this fantastic ad campaign.

Motorola RAZR Car Advertisement

Giant Motorola RAZR cell phone smashed into a car in Russia.

Universal Studios King Kong Advertisement

Large footprints were left in the sand on Santa Monica beach, complete with a crushed vehicle, to promote new King Kong 3-D attraction.

Denver Water Car

Clever water saving awareness campaign in Denver reminds people to use only what they need.

Alfa Romeo Shopping Cart

As part of a clever promotion campaign in Belgium’s busiest shopping centers, Alfa Romeo placed their MiTo cars inside shopping carts.

Nike Car Advertisement

Creative FIFA World Cup advertising campaign by Nike.


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  1. Gee! Anyone will see these will notice it. They are so bizarre that's why they are noticeable. For sure, seeing these ad concepts will leave a mark on every individual's mind.

    Nicole Vickers