Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Some Vintage Ads : 50 Years Back Paper Ads

Vintage ad for "Darkey in a Watermelon".

Cream of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey ad, portraying two well known stereotypes!

This Van Heusen ad is from 1952 and it says "4 out of 5 men want these new Van Heusen styles."

Looking at this "Bull Durham" tobacco ad, makes me think of those huge tobacco plantations of old times.

"My skin is dark but my heart is white", This ad portraying First Nations -apparently- willing to support Canadian Patriotic Fund.

In this Sal Hepatica ad we can see a couple of just married love-birds enjoying their honeymoon. If you think the pictures hide some racist message, read the last line of the dialogue: "Lets tip that porter double for telling us about Sal Hepatica".

Here, a 'This Week in Atlanta' magazine ad from November 19, 1967 where we can see Cotton Watts, a comedian who used to perform in black face in the 1960s.



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