Sunday, 20 March 2011

Camelot A Replica of Bear Grylls Famous Camel Carcass Photos

If you’re a fan of Discovery Channel, you know about Bear Grylls’ crazy adventures from “Man vs. Wild”, and particularly about the famous camel carcass he used to protect himself in the Sahara Desert.

In an original advertising move to promote the new season of “Man vs. Wild”, Discovery Channel placed a replica of the camel carcass in Sydney’s Wynyard Park and put it up for rent, on a popular website.

Passers-by had the chance to crawl inside the carcass, dubbed Camelot, to see how Bear felt during his survival test in Sahara, and also fill in a form telling Discovery why they would be the best tenant for this unusual property, for the chance to win a holiday voucher worth $2,500.

In this handout image provided by the Discovery Channel, a passer by inspects "Camelot", a replica camel carcass simulating that used by adventurer Bear Grylls to shelter in the Sahara desert during an episode of the Discovery Channel's "Man Vs Wild", in Wynyard Park on March 1, 2010 in Sydney, Australia. The stunt sees the Discovery Channel put the animal skin shell "residence" up for rent on an Australian rental website, complete with today's "Open House" inspections, to promote the channel's new season of "Man Vs Wild".



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