Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Beautiful American Singer & Television Host "Carnie Wilson" News

American singer and television host Carnie Wilson is reportedly in danger of losing her Los Angeles home to foreclosure.Wilson, who was part of the iconic girl group Wilson Phillips that sold over 10 million copies of their self-titled debut album worldwide, has apparently defaulted on her mortgage and owes over $1.6 million on the property in back payments, taxes, and penalties.According to court documents , Wilson’s five-bedroom, five-bath 4,400 square feet home will go to the highest bidder in a foreclosure auction if the 43-year-old mother of two doesn’t come up with the cash by July 21st.Despite a recent cameo in the summer comedy Bridesmaids, it’s been a tough few months for Wilson, who, in addition to possibly losing her home, was also recently cut loose as the spokeswoman for a food delivery system called The Fresh Diet.

Carnie-Wilson fired for Over-Wieght

Carnie Wilson has been fired. She once weighed 300 pounds and had to go under a bypass surgery eleven years back. “She was given a diet in which Carnie was meant to have three meals and two snacks per day”, according to Ezzy Duchman, publicist for the The Fresh Diet. But it was later found she actually cheated in her diet.

Carnie while abiding by her diet plan also kept on increasing her cheesecake range. She was scratched off from the corporate website as she failed to stick to her prescribed diet plan and lose weight. For this, people had to leave her alone. About two years back, Carnie said in her reality show Bobby Brown and Maureen McCormick that, “Cooking regularly made her relax. She loved feeding people. She then also admitted that She has now changed her diet to a substantial extent. She loves cooking and remarks that it is great to do so.” Furthermore, she says that, “Although she cooks for everyone at her home, she never eats those food rather tastes and spits it out.

At home, Carnie has to make her own tofu and vegetables while cooking other several dishes



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