Monday, 27 June 2011

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I have always said it, Oprah is a God

Ok, so today is one of the most painful days I will ever experience in my life, the end of the Oprah Winfrey Show. That's right, today will see the final show aired in the US and then that's it. No more Oprah. Well not until she launches her own show on her O.W.N. network, well that is what I am hoping her secret plan is.

So I have just watched Part 1 of The Oprah Show: A Farewell Spectacular and I have to say that I am impressed. Very impressed. Tom Hanks opened the show with the stunning lady in purple that we are all honouring, Ms.Oprah Winfrey. Oprah's catch phrase "It's all about them" was then a seg way for how she has touched people through her show. A woman who lost her baby, a man being a better Dad to his two daughters and a woman who lost her Mum & best friend via a drunk driver, all thanked her for the power her show had in freeing and enlightening them.

Next on the guest list to hit the stage with Mumma O was a little man known as Tom Cruise. They chatted for a bit about how many times he had been on the show and then another of Oprah's quotes via Glinda The Good Witch, "You always had the power" led us into child singer Jackie Evancho singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Unable to finish the song she got some help from Josh Groban who in turn called on Patti LaBelle to help him bring it home. She got so excited that she kicked her shoes off and they went flying into the audience. Brilliant stuff!

Oprah was trying to find Patti's shoes. Tom Cruise & Josh Groban joined in the search

That was a hard act to follow, but if anyone was going to do it, then there was no one better than her next guest, Madonna. Madonna took to the stage looking as stunning as always and gave a heartfelt speech about how Oprah has inspired her and then somehow managed to make it about her again and her school in Malawi. I was afraid that the stage would collapse with two egos the size of Oprah's and Madonna's, but alas it survived. "Thank you for inspiring me. For real" was my favourite line of the show, gotta love Madonna.

Oprah & Madonna, never been so happy to see each other

The Oprah show babies (Dakota Fanning and some other kids) took to the stage. A touching thank you from a group of girls headed by Dakota Fanning. Beyonce then took Dakota's lead of "Because of the Oprah Winfrey show we believe girls can run the world". Beyonce and her army of bespectacled women, who received their degrees from Beyonce, before breaking out into dance to "Run The World (Girls)". Beyonce is HOT.

Beyonce & Oprah screaming "We Run This World Girls"

The crowd then honoured Oprah for having help sell more than 30 million books via her book club. John Legend got in on the act and thanked her for helping him & Target rebuild some 25 school libraries throughout the country.

Diane Sawyer, Halle Berry, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes all paid their respects and farewells to Ms.O. 25,000 Oak trees were also promised to be planted by Diane Sawyer. Hope she has a shovel and some gloves, cause she is sure going to have some sore hands there if she doesn't. Women for Women International was also thanked for empowering women all around the world, which no one could deny, Ms.O has certainly contributed to that. You go girl!

Some of the girls that help run the world with Oprah

Rascal Flats closed this first part of the Oprah Trilogy of Final show(s) with "Stand By You". I had heard that people were "bored" by this spectacular and I have no idea why? It was non stop, heart felt and a little bit cheesy


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